1.1. This set of rules and the Moderation Rules are official, no others have probative value

1.2. This set of rules is valid only on all RaidMine servers!

1.3. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

1.4. For violation of any paragraph of these rules, the staff has the right to issue a punishment.

1.5. The rules apply to all project players (including staff)

1.6. The administration and staff have the right not to explain the reason for this or that action.

1.7. There is a separate set of rules for the staff and the Administration, according to which they issue punishments, they differ from the main ones.

1.8. The administration (Curator) has the right to edit this set of rules at any time of the day without notifying the players.

1.9. The staff includes: Helpers (Helper), Moderators (Moder) and Main moderators (H.Moder).

1.10. The Administration includes: Administrators (Admin), Curators (Warden) and Owners (Owner)


2.1. A player can have a maximum of 3 accounts.

2.2. The player and only the player is responsible for the safety of his account. If he loses access to it, the Administration has the right to refuse to restore him. Purchase receipts are required to restore your account. Without checks, accounts are not restored! Please contact RaidMine Support on VKontakte to restore your account (

2.3. Nicknames that match/similar to the nicknames of the project team members or pretending to belong to the Administration are prohibited.

2.4. Nicknames containing insults / obscenities are prohibited.

2.5. Resale/transfer of accounts is strictly prohibited.

2.6. It is forbidden to hack accounts and any attempts to commit hacks.

Game process

3.1. It is forbidden to sell / exchange anything for real money / resources, items and the like from other games, including resources / privileges / accounts and the like from other Minecraft servers / projects that are not related to the RaidMine project.

Punishment: ban 7 days

3.2. It is forbidden to use/storage cheats/forbidden modifications, etc.

3.3. It is forbidden to damage the server in any way.

3.4. Autofarm is prohibited. (automated extraction of resources / currency and the like using third-party software, client modifications and the like)

3.5. It is forbidden to use Proxy and the like to bypass blocking.

3.6. It is forbidden to use macros/regedits/autoclickers, etc.

Punishment: ban from 4 to 25 days

3.8. It is forbidden to provoke someone to break the rules.

Punishment: Ban 3 days

3.9. It is forbidden to bypass the ban/mute.

3.10. It is forbidden to interfere with any checks from the Staff.

3.11. Propaganda of Nazism/racism/drugs/smoking/weapons is prohibited.

3.12. It is forbidden to play together with cheaters / violators for the sake of acquiring personal gain.

3.13. Any kind of boost is prohibited. (speeding up the extraction of resources and the like).

3.14. Any kind of advertising is prohibited, except for links to official RaidMine resources.

3.15. It is forbidden to file false reports on players (/report).

3.16. It is forbidden to bypass blocking/restrictions (for example, bypassing a ban by IP address).

3.17. Donators who have access to the issuance of punishments are strictly prohibited from issuing punishments for reasons not specified in these rules, it is also unacceptable to issue punishments according to the points of these rules, where the time and type of punishment are not indicated.


4.1. It is forbidden to insult/humiliate anyone in any form.

4.2. Racism and discrimination on any grounds in any form is prohibited.

4.3. It is forbidden to insult/humiliate parents.

4.4. Threats of physical violence against anyone are prohibited.

Punishment: Mut from 2 hours

4.5. Youtubers can promote their stream if it's currently on RaidMine.

4.6. PR / discussion of any resource not related to RaidMine is prohibited

4.6. Youtubers can advertise their video if it is filmed on RaidMine.

4.7. It is forbidden to advertise any third-party software and resources that distribute this software.

4.8. It is forbidden to mention/advertise third-party projects.

Punishment: Mut from 5 days

4.9 It is forbidden to insult the Administration/Moderation.

4.10.It is forbidden to pretend to be a project team in any form.

4.11. Threats against project personnel are prohibited.

4.12. Jokes in the direction of the Administration / Server moderation are prohibited.

4.13. It is forbidden to insult the project.

Punishment: Mut 7 days

4.14. Excessive use of obscene language (in particular, veiled) is prohibited (from 5 swear words in 1 message)

4.15. Flood/organization of flood in any form is prohibited.

4.16. It is forbidden to use ads (/bc) on the server for other purposes.

4.17. It is forbidden to write words completely in uppercase (CAPS LOCK) (from 3 words, more than 50% caps in one message)

4.18. Any distribution of server bugs is prohibited.

4.19. Flood with symbols is prohibited (from 12 repeated symbols in one message)

Punishment: Mut 2 hours (Global chat only)

4.20. Political campaigning is prohibited.

4.21. It is forbidden to raise sexually explicit topics.

4.22. Inappropriate behavior is prohibited.

Punishment: Mut for 10 hours

Behave appropriately in the chat.


5.1. It is forbidden to insult anyone in any form.

5.2. It is forbidden to disrespect the Administration/Personnel of the project.

5.3. Message flooding is prohibited

5.4. Inappropriate behavior in messages is prohibited.

5.5. Flood applications/complaints are prohibited.

5.6. It is forbidden to criticize the work of the Administration / Staff in messages.

5.7. It is forbidden to ignore the rejection/rejection.

Punishment: Ban for 7 days on the forum.

Interaction with Staff

6.1. It is forbidden to contact the Server Administration unless absolutely necessary. Any appeal to the Administration/Staff must contain a clear statement of the player's problem or a question regarding the specific operation of the server, etc.

6.2. It is forbidden to disrespect the Administration/Server Staff.

6.3. Threats, pleas, provocations, etc. are prohibited. to the Administration/Server Staff both on the forum and in the game.

6.4. Unreasonable requests for assistance from the Administration/Staff are prohibited. When you call them, justify why they should teleport to you. Even if the reason is good, the administrator can refuse.

6.5. It is forbidden to interfere with the work of the Administration / Staff.

6.6. It is forbidden to beg for resources and the like from the Administration/Staff.

6.7. It is forbidden to deceive the Administration/Personnel.

6.8. It is forbidden to publish conversations with the Administration/Staff or their content without prior approval.

6.9. It is forbidden to discuss the punishment imposed by the Administration/Staff.

6.10. It is forbidden to spread rumors, slander about the server and Administration/Staff.

6.11. The word of the Administration is above these rules.

6.12. The administration/staff has the right to issue punishments at its discretion.

6.13. No jokes towards the Staff/Administration.